Άρτομά μου, δείξτε κατανόηση γιατί σε αυτή την ανάρτηση θα γράψω στα αγγλικά.
Όποιος βαρεθεί, μπορεί να δει τις φωτογραφίες.

May 2013 in Berlin was the month of performance art and this was one of the best surprises I had since now in my life here.
Before some weeks I volunteered in a 48hour non stop performance marathon in the ACUDkunsthaus.
It was an excellent experience and a great opportuntity for people that need to communicate with others their creativity.
The thing that I found most interesting in this crazy weekend wasn't any perfomace but the positive energy of people who participated.
The volunteers, the performers, the organizers and even guests, friends and people that accidentaly came through their way of going to the cinema.
Everybody with a personal story and a personal way to express it.Seems natural.In a way you can say that performance art is the closest to real life.And sometimes more real than itself is.
Just imagine that all those people who came from other cities,coutries and didn't know each other, had their chance in a 48 life experience present a part of them.
Sleep, food, language are not important.Your identity is something you get from your interaction with others, something you perform.
I could tell you which performances I liked and which ones I didn't- or to give you an analysis.This is my field of studies in the end.
But this is not important for me at all.Being a part of it I could only congratulate all the people who made it happen.We had a wonderful time, we made fun, we met each other and shared things and a basis for new things has been created. Beauty,humor, sex, pain, sounds and most of all interaction.
Even if something was opposite or different to your taste, there was respect and love into it.At least this is what I saw.
More info you can find here;

From me,here are some photos I took.
Enjoy and hope to see you next year.

Love, people.