Talk to me and treat me like I am my older self.
Like you see me in many years from now. And you remember who I was, who you've been, our story. And you see you I am, who you are, our story. Like you see all those years missing, all those absent years. Like we met only in dreams and this is the first moment of reality. Like this all has been a dream and you want to be a better self, fearless, nothing keeping you from being free. Like this is the last time you see me. Like this is what you imagined I would be when I grow up and I did. Like this is what you hoped to see in the future and you did. Like this is the person you wanted me to be and you wanted to know. Like this is a last chance to meet a person that once cared for you, knew you, thought of you, lost you. Like you ve never forgot my name.